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Holistic Teaching Aids for Foundational Learning: Blurring the lines between Math and Language using Stories in the Classroom

By Chie Media Pvt. Ltd.


Conducted by: Chie Media Pvt. Ltd.

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This workshop is designed by Kavitha Mandana, an accomplished writer and illustrator with over two decades of experience in children’s literature. Notably, her STEM-focused books such as “Maths At the Mela,” “Who made the Tomato Chutney,” and “Flying Home” have been published by Pratham Books, gaining recognition for their educational value. Of her over a dozen titles, many have been widely recognised – ‘A Pair of Twins’ ranked in the Top 10 on the American Library Association’s Amelia Bloomer List. Most recently, ‘Teenage Diary of Abbakka’ featured in Tata Trust’s Parag’s Honor List.

Beyond her writing, Kavitha Mandana has conducted numerous workshops for both educators and students, contributing to improved classroom learning experiences and curriculum development in schools.
Through this workshop, educators can master the art of integrating stories into their lesson plans to enhance language and math learning. The key focus is to empower educators to make the process of learning almost natural, fostering deep comprehension and retention of concepts among children.

Harness the power of story-telling as a teaching aid to improve learning outcomes, unlock multi-lingual and multi-disciplinary approaches, measure the impact of engaging stories in the classroom, use simple methods to review class progress with practical exercises for meaningful educational growth.