IDA Education Awards recognise pioneering initiatives taken by Educational Institutions/Organisations with a focus on factors enhancing student learning outcomes. India Didactics Association honors & rewards the institutions that are Re-Discovering, Re-Defining & Re-Imagining the teaching-learning process and preparing students for life.

The IDA Education Awards identify and acknowledge those Educational Institutions that have transformed teaching, learning, and employability outcomes. The Awards recognise the outstanding contribution made by educational institutions pursuing new opportunities, engaging in continuous innovation, and exhibiting a high degree of accountability for quality education. The Awards provide an elite forum for the competition’s finest entries with both the visibility and networking opportunities necessary to expand and improve their initiatives.

Known for its authenticity and transparency, IDA Education Awards bring recognition and visibility to your institution. If you have shown the proclivity to weave a success story for the students, staff, and organisation, you merit by applying for the IDA Education Awards, recognising the work done by your institution.

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Awards & Recognition