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Mr. Gareth Hegarty , Senior Manager, E-Assessment Transition, International Baccalaureate talks about E-Assessments and Technology enhanced Assessments. 
Prof Mangala Sunder Krishnan, Head NPTEL and Professor, Department of Chemistry talks about the Importance and Development of Online Learning in India. 
Mr. Ferdinand Ganser, Head of International Sales, Christiani , Talks about how they have a History of 85 years in the field of Education. They are a publishing house, provide training equipment and deliver material to 150 technical professionals in Germany.
Prof. Vijay Kumar Dharukar, Vice Chancellor, Tripura University shares some vital points on Higher Education and the Research on Tribal Development. 
Mr. Neeraj Jain, MD, Scholastic India Pvt. Ltd talks about how we can raise readers. He further shares the 4 steps essential in maintaining reading as a habit.
Miss Ruchi Sethi, National Business Manager- Education, Acer India talks about the technological transformation in Education. Elaborates on the role that technology has played in Education.
Miss Sapna Sukul, Honorary Director, Sparsh Special School, shares her views on inclusive education and embracing it. Talks about the kids that are not been accepted by the society. 
Mrs. Preeti Kwatara, Chairperson, Petals Pre-School, identifies the issues faced by children at their early age and how it can be overcome with the support of parents.
Mr. Rohan Mahimkar, Co-CEO Prodigy Math Game, shares his views on how Math, one of the most difficult subject to tackle for the students, has now become really interesting and engaging since the introduction of Prodigy Math Game. With over 45 Million students registered on Prodigy in North America and over 1.5 Million playing the game every day, the game is all set to make a mark among the Indian students.
Mr. Volker Schmid, Head, Festo Didactic – Asia Pacific, shares his valuable views on the need to prepare students for future jobs. With Industry 4.0, Smart Manufacturing & IOT in place, there is a need to upgrade the existing curriculum and the overall system of education.
Mr. Brijesh Karia, Head BD, Robomate, shares his experience on why students feel disconnected and how we can make them interested learners through personalized teaching methods.
Dr. Meera Balachandran shares her valuable insights on Digital Enterprise in Education and methods on how teachers can impart successful learning by being the “Changed Agents” only at DidacTalk presented at Didac India 2018!
Prof. Tejinder Sharma, Kurukshetra University delves into the need of re-inventing Universities, delivering value-based education and preparing students for the challenges of tomorrow. 
A short Talk by Amol Arora, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Shemrock and Shemford Group of Schools with a focus on re-defining education system that stands apart in the digital era and meets the models that fit the 21st century.
Today there is so much buzz about learning from other countries and bringing global practices to India but do you know there are five important things that the world can learn from India about education.
Dr. Maria Charles, Secretary, All India Don Bosco Education Society, shares his valuable views on Learning outcomes & the culture that needs to exist in a school setting.
Ms. Ritika Subhash – Director, Indian Subcontinent, Mangahigh, shares her experience and valuable thoughts on education & mathematics. The approach towards the subject needs to be more personalized and adaptive rather than procedural and time testing to reduce stress and anxiety among the students towards mathematics.
Mr. Luis Pinto, Udemy, presents his thoughts on the future of education only at Didac Talk 2018. He conveys the importance of adopting entrepreneurial approach for self-learning.
Mr. Gavin Dykes, Programme Director, ASES & EWF, presents his ideas & viewpoints on the four most important elements of education i.e. Knowledge, Skills, Attitudes and Values.

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